Candidate Profile  

You can complete our optional Candidate Profile form online and receive personalized feedback on your profile from one of our Admissions team. This is quick, easy and unique service offered by HEC Paris MBA that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. The information you enter for your candidate profile will then be saved so that you can return to it at a later date when completing your formal application. 


Before applying, you must decide which deadline you wish to apply for, and ensure your application is submitted before that date in order to be considered.

To submit your application you must apply using our online application system; your information will be saved regularly so that you can manage and edit your application in your own time. 

Please ensure that your application is complete by checking our Application Checklist before submitting. We double check our received applications to ensure that they are both complete and accurate.

Pre-Selection Jury

The Admissions Board will then meet for a Pre-Selection Jury, where they will examine your application in detail. During the Pre-Selection Jury, we will consider all of the formal aspects of your application; your educational background, professional experience and international exposure, as well as your Essays and Recommendations. All of these aspects are taken into consideration when deciding who to invite for the interview process.

Your application must show motivation to succeed and clear reasoning for applying to HEC Paris MBA. Pre-selected candidates are then asked to attend two interviews with HEC Paris MBA Alumni.


You will be invited for two interviews after the Admissions Board has reviewed your application. Our interviewers are Alumni of the HEC Paris MBA program, as we find that they truly understand what makes a strong MBA candidate and what it takes to succeed in our program.

Through the interview we will assess your communication skills, leadership potential and ability to contribute effectively to discussion, as well as consider whether your personality complements our mindset and culture at HEC Paris.

Both interviews have equal weighting in the decision-making process, and will consist of a 10 minute oral presentation on the topic of your choice, followed by an indepth discussion concerning your application. The interviews will be conducted in English.

Our interviews usually take place in the two weeks leading up to the final Admissions Jury, so it is important that you keep yourself available during that period.


Once the interviews have been carried out, our Admissions Jury will then meet to discuss and decide upon your application. The Admissions Jury is an official meeting attended by Representatives of the French Ministry of Education, of HEC Paris Alumni and of the MBA Faculty, as well as the Dean and Associate Dean of HEC Paris. They will review every aspect of your application, from your essays to your recommendations and performance in the interviews. 

This meeting has three possible outcomes for your application: you may be admitted onto the program, not admitted, or placed on the official Waiting List. You will be informed of the jury's decision within hours. We hold 12 Admissions Juries per year.


General Enquiries

Our Admissions team is happy to answer your questions regarding our admissions process and assist you with your application. For additional information, you may contact us below:


Once admitted into the HEC Paris MBA Program, you will have the opportunity to apply for HEC MBA Scholarships.

Application Checklist

Completed Application Form

Completed Essays

Current Professional Resume

Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions

Official GMAT or GRE Score Report


2 Recommendations

Non-refundable application fee of €200