Who we are looking for

Our MBA students are not just team players, but they are also ambitious and motivated individuals. Our students come to HEC Paris not only to learn, but also to share their knowledge and experience with those around them, fully aware that they will have an important role to play as future HEC Paris Alumni and business leaders. 

Our Admissions Board is looking for well-rounded applicants who show a strong desire and ability to succeed. Alongside the technical requirements needed to enroll in our MBA program, we also value the following:

  • Academic accomplishment
    • We value applicants who show proof of academic strength, with a degree from an accredited university, with a solid knowledge base that they can build upon during their MBA experience.
    • We also look for candidates who are able and willing to mobilize and adapt their existing knowledge in order to use it within their MBA program. Students must have the intellectual capabilities to thrive in demanding circumstances.
    • Our students come from a wide range of educational backgrounds to HEC Paris MBA, where they are able to pool and share their knowledge with those around them.
  • Professional experience and career progression
    • During the application process, we take your professional background into consideration. We want to see evidence of clear career progression over time, and proof that you have excelled in your current role. 
    • You must be able to display the ability and desire to progress professionally. You should be driven with a strong sense of personal direction in order to achieve your chosen career objectives, whatever they may be. 
  • Leadership potential
    • You should be able to cite instances where you have excelled as a leader in your community, career or personal life..
  • International exposure
    • Our HEC Paris MBA students are globally minded. You must be a well-rounded individual, able to adapt to different cultures from all over the world and collaborate with people of different backgrounds. You must have a good understanding of cultural differences, as well as be ready to share your knowledge and experience with others.
  • MBA motivation and career objectives
    • The more you know about how our program fits into your expectations and your future career goals, the better we can judge if you would strive at HEC Paris. 
    • You must have a clear motivation in applying for the MBA program at HEC Paris, and your application must be consistent in reflecting this. 
  • Interpersonal skills and personality 
    • We value passion, humility, individuality and respect for others. You must be able to lead as well as collaborate within a team.