Alexis’ passions have always been in Aviation.  Prior to joining HEC Paris MBA, he worked for the Airbus group but during his studies discovered his interest in entrepreneurship. Now, he is Founder and CEO of AviaMedia Tech.

Before the MBA, my experience was in Aerospace. For 10 years, I was with the Airbus group, both with the Helicopter division for 5 years and then after that with Airbus Aircraft Industry. I spend a lot of time doing business plans and thinking about entrepreneurship. That was my main goal during the two years of my MBA… to think about what I could do after my MBA in entrepreneurship.

My first venture was a company called AviaMedia Tech which stands for Aviation, Media and Technology. The business model was a mixture of consulting and capital services. The goal of AviaMedia Tech was to become a venture capital fund with 50 million euro to invest in early stage companies in Aviation, Media and Technology. Unfortunately, that company didn’t become a venture capital fund but we did fundraise for eight companies between Paris and London and we did some very exciting projects.

When I arrived in London, my two passions were Aviation and Media and one of the companies that we incubated was capital world was Avolus. Avolus was a one-stop shop in luxury transport between London, Moscow and Monaco. The idea was to provide high-net worth individuals and family offices with all the means of transportation from helicopters to jets and limousines and yachts. We basically grew it from 0 to 10 million euros and from 0 to 450 clients. There is no doubt that the 1 year on the campus and the whole HEC Paris MBA program was a fantastic experience to move into entrepreneurship. What an MBA gives you after 6 or 8 years of professional experiences is a total toolbox to create a business from scratch- marketing, sales, finance, strategy, teamwork and the capacity to work in teams of 4 or 5 is absolutely crucial in entrepreneurship

My advice to entrepreneurs either post- or pre- MBA is number one - Take risk. Risk is good. Risk needs to be managed.  It’s related to stress and a lot of other things but risk is good and is really rewarding when it works. Number two- Go quickly. If something works, it will work quickly. If it fails, it needs to fail quickly too. The last one- Go to places where there is capital and positive energy for the creation of companies."

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France Class of 2002


Founder and CEO- AviaMedia Tech