Focused, innovative and personable individual with over 10 years of strong, international experience in finance and banking, including M&A, product development, client service, financial control, stakeholder engagement, project deliveries, and risk management.

Boyan Griffen first completed a Bachelors degree in the USA before he deciding to return to Europe. While researching HEC, he met with many HEC Alumni in the USA – Chicago, Washington, Detroit areas. 

After being accepted into various programs, Boyans was sold on HEC's Exchange and Internship opportunities as well as the strength of its alumni network. 

During his MBA experience at HEC, he stayed on campus for 1 semester and spent the rest of his time living in the center of Paris to take advantage of being in France's capital.  While at HEC, he was also involved in the MBAT. 

Since graduation he's been living in London and says "My career has advanced every 2 years since I've graduated, and I’m now looking to be promoted and exploring another phase."

Tips to Young Business Professionals

  • Do your research, preplan and be diligent. 
  • Create a “Personal Mission Statement”
  • Switch it up – Show people about your knowledge of the marketplace and yourself.
  • Be aware of your weakness but focus on your strengths – focus and who what you're good at then think on how to better sell that or connect with an alumni/ network.

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Bulgaria Class of 2008


Associate Director - Lloyd's Banking Group

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MBAT Coordinator

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