For qualified doctor Jean, the HEC Paris MBA offered him the chance to 'double up' on his qualifications, allowing him to combine medicine and business to make him a well-informed pharmaceutical expert.


What were you doing before studying for your MBA? 

Before my MBA, I was a few things; I was a doctor in a hospital, I was a researcher and I also worked for a small biotech company in Italy.

What are you doing now? Do you think you would be in the same position now if you hadn't gotten your MBA?

After my MBA, I worked for a pharmaceutical company for 20 years, moving from position to position, country to country. I was Head of Marketing, Marketing Director in Europe , Operational manager... 

Without an MBA, I think my career would have been totally different because at that time, having an MBA plus a scientific background really helped me to advance in the pharmaceutical industry, to allow me to advance to different positions – medical, marketing and managerial. 

What made you decide to do an MBA, and why did you choose HEC Paris?

It was a tough choice to study for an MBA and take time out from my work for 18 months, but I think it was a good one, because I was able to focus my attentions and learn all these new things. If I was to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I came to HEC Paris because of the flexibility of the course and the sheer range of skills you are taught; doing an MBA at HEC Paris is a different ball game compared to most other business schools as it gives you a wide skillset which allows you to adapt yourself to different markets and demands all over the world.

What was the key moment of your time at HEC Paris MBA?

One of the key moments in my HEC MBA career was helping to organise the very first MBA Tournament, inviting business schools from all over Europe to come to us. It was a great experience for me.

How have you found being part of HEC's celebrated Alumni Network?

The bonds that I made with my classmates remain extremely strong. I think the MBA allows you to be part of this extremely wide and strong Alumni MBA network, which can help you find a job or can help you in personal life; it's a constant source of support, no matter what you're going through. 

If you could go back and  change one thing about your time at HEC Paris, what would it be?

I wouldn't change anything about the course itself; I'd do that again and again. But I would’ve liked to have a 10 year refresher course at HEC Paris with my classmates, to study the newest approaches in business and developments in technology; that would’ve been great for me!

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France Class of 1993


VP Strategic Execution & Business Excellence - Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

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