After speaking with a development manager from HEC Paris in India, Jeev was convinced about how the program could transform his career. Since graduation, he has been working in London and taken an active role in the HEC Paris UK Alumni Association.

“Before my MBA, I was a project manager for Mercedes in India. Now, I am in the UK handling European fleet management operations for Hertz.

Pre-admission, I had a very good discussion with the HEC representative who came to India to meet prospective students. I understood how the school is, had amazing good support with HEC Alumni in India and even outside India giving me advice, got scholarships … hence; HEC was one of my top choices.

I would not be here if it was not for HEC Paris MBA. I would still be doing my technical role. I was successful in moving my function, managing a European team and now I understand a lot more about intercultural work. It has made an imprint which is permanent in my mind. It has been an amazing experience

The HEC network is vast. The important thing is that they help a lot. Whenever you approach someone, they help a lot. I got advice on how to raise money, what to do and how not make mistakes. Currently, I’m actively working with alumni on a start-up. Alumni ventures is a website by UK (and Paris) alumni where we match HEC investors and HEC start-ups. Start-ups pitch ideas and investors provide funding.

HEC has senior people in most big companies. When I was applying for internships, HEC provided a network that I was able to tap into. One company I applied for had a president who was a Board Member at HEC. If you look at the network in Brussels, Singapore… it’s really amazing. The network really helps."

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India Class of 2012


European Portfolio Manager, Fleet - Hertz Europe