Olivier Binet, HEC Paris MBA Class of 2010, is now General Manager at InPost. He credits his MBA experience with completely changing his way of thinking, and teaching him the fundamental Marketing skills that he still uses in his day-to-day job.


Before my MBA, I was IT director for a subsidiary company of TF1, a large network company, working in e-commerce projects.

I decided to do an MBA because I wanted to have more impact on the business. Being in the IT branch of the company, it was difficult to switch to the business side of things. The Business Development Manager at the TF1 group told me that is was time for me to learn business and go get an MBA. He himself was an MBA Alumus and he told me to go check out HEC Paris.

When I think back to my time at HEC Paris, therre are so many highlights that stand out to me! The Marketing part of the MBA was just fantastic; I mean, who can forget Jean-Noel Kapferer once you’ve been taught by him? It’s impossible! I did the Marketing Specialization; incredible professors, and it was amazing the way the Professors can simplify their enormous knowledge and ingrain it in you, and you will use it every single day.

What I liked about the MBA course at HEC Paris is that they don't just teach us how to do things precisely; I am not going to go out there and replace someone who has been working in Marketing for 20 years. What I do have, is the Marketing principles that allow me to supervise my team, to give real feedback on Marketing that’s being done, and to decide on which Marketing strategies should be applied. There are only a few, but very few people know about them, even those working in Marketing for a long time.

I am still very much in touch with my classmates. I try and do business with them; it’s a great pleasure! One piece of advice to students: learn how to reach out to your network. It’s not about sending out an email, it’s about learning to do that well. Listen to all advice you get, and apply what you are taught. 

The MBA is totally worth it, if as a student you decide to invest yourself fully. You will bring plenty of things to the MBA.. But you need the humility to realize that you are there to change, and that what got you there will prevent you from succeeding. So you need to absorb everything the Professors tell you and learn, otherwise it will not be that easy.

Professors at HEC Paris MBA every day used to say: “don’t get a job that you don’t like.” And there are so many people working in Finance and Consulting who now come up to me asking for advice. I was lucky that I took the time at HEC to figure out what I really wanted to do. That’s the best possible advice that I can give students.

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Olivier BINET

Olivier BINET

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