Pierre-Yves Cros, HEC Paris MBA class of 1984, is now the Chief Development Officer for the Capgemini Group. He has been a main driver in the field of Digital Transformation.

"The MBA changed my life entirely; when I arrived here, I was not able to speak any foreign languages, and I didn’t know much about this thing we call “life”.

I met people from all over the world here; I think we had the first ever Chinese national in my MBA class. There were people from Japan and Asia overall, and also few Indians – four years later I was in India, in Mumbai and started to meet the first top people over there, which is where I got the idea to expand the Capgemini group over there a few years later.

When it comes to my professional life, I spend most of my career abroad, and my responsibility in the Capgemini group is to take care of a large number of countries which are outside of France. In India, for example, we took it in 2004 when it had 360 people, we currently have 51,000 employees. We have Indian IT Services, which is an Indian trade, the second best brand in the country. Not bad for a French company.

My life is about technology on one side, and through the MBA business and transformation globally deployed. I came in in the mid-2000s, and was met with this idea of digital transformation. I was leading large consultancy firms, and I had always loved technology and what you can do with it. So I went to go see some very large schools all around the world, and created a concept around that. Right now it’s extremely popular, I do believe it’s going to be the opportunity for the MBA of this generation, transforming the world.

Regarding the alumni network, it’s a very powerful group, we meet regularly. At the Executive Committee of Capgemini, three of us have done the HEC MBA, and we are all in very international global functions. At large, I think we are one of the biggest employers, and we want to attract young talent, so please join!"

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Pierre-Yves Cros, HEC Paris MBA Class of 1984

Pierre-Yves Cros

France Class of 1984


Chief Development Officer - Capgemini Group