Rotem came to HEC Paris MBA and was struck by just how international our program is, and how our global profile can be leveraged to find opportunities in industry.


What was the most valuable aspect of your MBA experience?

The whole MBA process brings you to an international professional level; when you study with so many people from so many different backgrounds, you quickly become comfortable with different cultures and different styles of leadership. You are at home with everyone. I actually think that everyone comes from a range of backgrounds; I was born in South Africa, I grew up in Israel and I hold European citizenship. At HEC Paris MBA, diversity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a real important part of the program. 

Can you tell us about your most memorable HEC Paris MBA experience?

I was co-president of the Energy Club for one semester, allowing me not only to meet a range of Alumni and professionals from the energy sector, but also to bond with friends with similar interests, even though we came from different backgrounds. We were able to identify some common ground, allowing us to work together. We took part in Treks to Italy, Madrid, Africa… It was an excellent opportunity to meet each other and also to introduce ourselves as a group to the energy industry. 

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Israel Class of 2011


Marketing and Business Development Manager - Belectric Israel

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Co-President Energy Club