About the HEC Paris MBA

“The whole personal growth I went through during the program actually allowed me to have the confidence not to follow the most popular or standard route.” 

Triin's Experience in the HEC Paris MBA

Triin hails from Estonia and has a background in banking. “Given that the MBA program was 16 months long, it gave me a chance to grow more personally – meaning not to focus only on the textbook knowledge but to get more from the interactions and the MBA experience as a whole”.

“At some point I realized I wanted to do something more humanitarian – at the same time I have a strong belief that I shall be most useful if I work in the domain of what I’ve learnt about business,” she continues. Triin has since moved to Morocco where she is engaged in performance management for social enterprise through the MBAs Without Borders network.

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Estonia Class of 2011


General Manager - Al Nour