The desire for a greater insight into the world of business led Vincent to HEC Paris’ MBA. After completing his studies he was better equipped to shift from the public to the private sector, and he credits the MBA for the opportunities he was presented with.


“Before the MBA I was running a cultural center for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  I started this job in 2003, and I worked in Namibia, Africa and also in Naples, Italy.

Now I’m a financial analyst for Rothschild and Company Gestion, I’m an analyst for two sectors: which are Aerospace and Defense, and the Oil sector. So basically I’m studying the company and following the sectors, seeing what the news is, and advising my managers.

I decided to do an MBA because I wanted to take advantage of my internal experience as a manager, but I also wanted to broaden my perspective and come back to the private sector, because I had been working for the public administration. It’s true that I have a financial background because I have a Chartered Accounting diploma, but I did not have that much knowledge in strategy, and I had almost no knowledge in marketing, so the MBA was totally helpful in the sense that it gave me the whole picture of the business world, and that’s exactly what I needed to do the kind of job I’m doing now, because I’m studying the company. It’s not only a question of figures because I’m doing finance, it’s mostly a question of strategy and where the company wants to go. The figures, the financial part, it’s a financial translation of what the strategy is about.

One of the biggest impacts of the MBA for me has been the mindset and the way of proactivity, it’s a way of going forward, a way of thinking that things are possible. Because of the environment of HEC Paris, you have so many possibilities, you have so many opportunities. You can see that people are doing things; you can see that people are achieving things, I’m talking about the MBA but I’m also talking about the whole community of HEC Paris. You are growing in this environment; you have the opportunity to see conferences almost every day. It’s really an environment that helps you to think everything is possible.”

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France Class of 2013


Financial Analyst - Rothschild