Business Developper Yevegny has seen his career transform since completing his European MBA at HEC Paris in 2010.


What were you doing prior to studying for an MBA, and what are you doing now?

Before doing my MBA I was working in Tel Aviv in Israel. I managed international projects for implementing changes in the supply chain for central and eastern Europe. In parallel, I have taught at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, where I taught microeconomics part-time, as a hobby. Now, I am based in Paris, working for a software company, leading business developments in Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

Why did you decide to do an MBA, and what made you choose HEC Paris?

I felt it was a good time in my career to do an MBA, in order to grow professionally and change the geography of my work. I chose to come to Europe for my MBA, which set me apart from the other Israelis, who usually choose to follow an American MBA program. I wanted to be different. In Europe, there is a ‘front row’ of leading business schools, and HEC is definitely there amongst them. I am very happy to have the chance to be part of it. Why HEC? I have friends who have done MBAs in America and elsewhere in Europe, and I think that HEC MBA has a very special characteristic in that the intake is relatively small, allowing you to get to know people on a personal level and to work closely with them. HEC also brings together a certain type of person, which creates a very supportive environment.

What is your fondest memory of your time at HEC Paris MBA?

One of the most interesting things I remember from our classes was the Marketing Professor, who taught very good classes, giving me an interesting attitude as to how to approach corporations in business development and sales roles. The way in which these aspects were presented to us – analysing Hollywood or political situations – was extremely useful, and although it may sound a bit disconnected from the business world, it’s actually very applicable, and I use these theories every day at work. 

Any regrets?

I think I did the program at the right time of my career, and so I don’t regret doing it. I would do it again, if only for the connections I got out of it. Being an HEC alumnus provides you with an amazing platform for success in your professional career throughout your life. 

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