Career Center

The HEC Paris Career Center (CC) offers a dynamic approach to helping you achieve your career transformation. Our corporate approach focuses on increasing the range and deepening the quality of the companies you want to meet. Our individualized approach focuses on giving you the tools you need to realize your post-MBA career goals.

The Career Center has developed a program which follows a unique, three-step procedure. This enables you to achieve transformation, whether for a career shift to a new sector, function and/or industry, or to step out as a budding entrepreneur.

Step One: Know Yourself  

"Know Yourself" is the first and most important element of your strategy. Here, you will be provided a series of individual self-assessment exercises and one-to-one counselling sessions to help you better understand your personal profile – your strengths, weaknesses, preferences and motivations. These sessions all take place within the first month of your arrival, thus ensuring you get off to a strong start.

Step Two: Know the Market

"Know the Market" is not just about getting in contact with the companies that will hire you; it is also about understanding their requirements, cultures and hiring practices.

We do this in three ways:

  • Networking - Helping you to effectively leverage our 56,000+ strong HEC Paris alumni worldwide. In addition, we organize career fairs and company presentations, promote and support MBA club events and organize treks to various companies worldwide 
  • Informing - Organizing informational and "how-to" sessions so that you have all the information you need about the key sectors, functions and geographies for post-MBA careers
  • Identifying - By identifying the target companies of each intake, we ensure that we attract and retain the ones that are most important to you

"Know the Market" is a process that extends throughout your studies at the HEC Paris MBA, while the informational and "how-to" sessions on the key sectors, functions and geographies take place during the first three months of your MBA.

Step Three: Match yourself and the Market

Focusing on both the content and ideal timing of your job search strategy, you will be provided with what you need to apply for internships and full-time jobs.

"Match Yourself and the Market" includes not only the core elements of the CC curriculum (for example, CV writing, interviewing and networking skills), but also activities such as sector-focused practice interviews, internship and job-search strategy sessions and case competitions.

In addition, you can take advantage of our "Fast-Track" options, which are essentially geared to providing both an overview and a "deep-dive" into the seven most popular post-MBA career options for HEC participants - consulting, finance, marketing, luxury, management-development programs, sustainability and social impact (SASI) and energy. These options are organized in a way that allows you to balance your career goals with your academic and personal commitments, while also taking into account the requirements of our recruiting companies.

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