Career Development Resources

To help you take your career in the exact direction you want it to go, the HEC Paris Career Center offers the following resources: 
  • Self-Assessment

Specific tools to help you better understand and assess yourself, your desires and your goals. The results determine the type of personalized career accompaniment you’ll receive, based on whether you're matched up as a "Hunter" or an "Explorer."

  • One-to-One Career Coaching

One-to-one coaching sessions are available and tailored to give you the support and feedback you need to achieve your goals: helping you to develop your career strategy and thoroughly prepare for interviews.

  • Recruiting Events

Some of the events that help MBAs connect with companies are our MBA Career Week, MBA Internship Day, sector-specific recruitment events and company presentations on campus.

  • Career Workshops

We have a year-round schedule of career workshops to help you crystallize and plan your career strategy such as "Careers in..." sessions, Interviewing Skills workshops, "Design your Career Strategy" and the Career Action Plan process.  

  • Access to Alumni

We engage alumni to support your career journey via workshops, campus conferences, our online internal resources and student treks. 

  • Global Treks

We undertake treks that allow you to gain insider knowledge of some of the corporations you'd like to work with, and present networking opportunities with alumni working within specific industries and/or regions.  

  • Professional Clubs

Career support is also available through our professional clubs, which provide a supportive and stimulating environment with other MBAs. Our clubs organize a wide range of conferences and activities around your areas of interest.