106 Fundings Found

Brazil: Fundacao Estudar

The Fundacao Estudar provides scholarships/loans for MBA studies. HEC will provide matching funds to a limited number of Brazilians who have received a scholarship from Funda Sao Estudar. The scholarships vary from US $3,000 to US $30,000 on a need and merit basis. For more i…

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Brazil: Instituto Ling Fellowship

For Graduate students who are proceeding with MBA studies on a full-time basis at a university outside Bermuda. Brazilian students can obtain information about scholarships and loans from the Conselho Nacional de Desenvovimento Cientifico e Tecnologico.

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Canada: Canadian Federation of University Women

This scholarship is sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW). In order to apply, the candidate must justify the relevance of her work to women. For graduate studies in any field. The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident in Canada.…

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