The Advanced Management Specialization is designed to develop leading edge knowledge and analytical thinking to foster innovation, sustainability, and business performance in a global environment.

The goal is to develop your leadership potential in global environments by helping you acquire the right mix of leadership and business skills. The backbone course focuses on leadership skills like fostering creativity and decision-making in multicultural teams. A set of complementary courses cover business skills like strategic game theory, strategic planning for future scenarios, advanced financial analysis, designing global supply chains, and leveraging Web 2.0 technologies. Overall, this specialization is designed to help you gain powerful insights into business performance in tomorrow’s global organizations. 

Learning outcomes

In the Advanced Management Specialization you will:

  • Develop your leadership competencies.
  • Develop your creativity, decision-making, and social influence skills.
  • Learn how to lead multicultural, virtual, and innovation teams.
  • Learn how to link business strategy to people performance.
  • Learn game theory tools and techniques to think strategically.
  • Learn futures-analytic frameworks to create effective long-term strategies.
  • Learn advanced financial analytical frameworks and techniques.
  • Learn decision frameworks for distribution strategies and supply chain design.
  • Learn how to strategically leverage Web 2.0 technologies.

*The Advanced Management Specialization was formerly called Leadership & Global Organizations