The program is designed to equip participants with both fundamental and practical skills for starting a venture, either within an organization or from scratch. In an intense and dynamic process, teams of 4 or 5 participants come together to create high-quality ventures in the context of the HEC eLab, an exclusive entrepreneurship lab equipped with state-of-the-art interactive technologies that stimulate creativity and communication. The venture moves forward from inception to business plan completion through hands-on exercises and challenges integrated in course work, as well as through tasks and deliverables scheduled outside of regular courses.


Throughout the Specialization, you will meet experienced entrepreneurs weekly for mentoring sessions. Collaborating with external parties, such as inventors and business accelerators, will further nurture your entrepreneurial skills. Your team will be expected to elaborate a new business project around an innovative idea based on a differentiating technological advantage. Ideas may be generated by students, partner-institutions focusing on science and technology, established companies or independent inventors. They are screened by the specialization coordinators for applicability as learning tools. As part of the powerful Paris Saclay Innovation Cluster, HEC Paris is able to attract some of the most innovative partners for our students to work alongside. 

All specialization courses cohere to provide you with the knowledge you need to apply directly in the venture project you are entrusted. The specialization backbone course gives you an overview of the entrepreneurship and innovation logic, while other courses specialize in more specific topics such as technical product development or entrepreneurial finance. They all contain exercises that make you move your project forward. In addition to courses, mentors offer tailored coaching sessions to individual teams using the eLab as an ideal context to experience a learning-by-doing pedagogy. 

Learning outcomes
  • Experience what it takes to become an entrepreneur and commercialize an innovative idea
  • Acquire entrepreneurship knowledge and team-based skills through working on an innovative project
  • Be able to collaborate with inventors to together develop a promising business idea into a potential venture


All classes and coaching activities within the Entrepreneurship specialization take place in the eLab. Here, students are able to come together to create high-quality ventures in an interactive environment. The cutting-edge eLab makes high-tech technology available to our students, as they are immersed in a digital environment that can be adapted to suit different needs: from video conferences to creativity talks and coaching meetings.

The eLab also acts as a meeting point where inventors, scientists, venture capitalists, lawyers, alumni are invited to share their ideas and knowledge with our students.