Finance requires passion, ethics, and analytic skills. The finance specialization builds on prior knowledge acquired in core courses such as “Financial Markets” and “Corporate Finance” to provide MBA participants with in-depth insights on the most advanced finance topics.

If you join the specialization, you will attend a consistent set of finance courses, combining academic courses taught by full time HEC research faculty (50%) and hands-on courses taught by practitioners (50%). This set of specialized courses is organized around the finance specialization backbone class which discusses fundamental topics such as cost of capital, asset pricing, risk management, financial innovation, and regulation. Overall, the specialization will advance your knowledge in corporate finance, financial analysis, corporate valuation, asset management, financial credit and sustainable investments. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the specialization, you should be able to:

  • Deal with the main financial concepts used by corporate executives, senior bankers, financial analysts, asset managers, and risk managers
  • Solve business problems using financial and modeling tools
  • Analyze the rationale for M&A transactions and take part in their execution
  • Evaluate financial performance and risk of default based on financial reporting
  • Critically assess the evolution, innovations and regulations of the asset management industry
  • Select and apply relevant and insightful corporate valuation methods
  • Solve investors’ strategic dilemmas between short-term profitability pressures and environmental / social risks