Marketing can be defined as “the art to tame markets to the firms’ own benefits”. The marketing specialization aims at helping you gain the knowledge and skills to analyze market opportunities and then create, communicate and appropriate value for the organization.

The backbone course focuses on the development of new market offerings, in three main steps: customer analysis, strategic marketing and marketing-mix decisions. This core training is complemented by six courses addressing six key areas of strategic marketing: Customer Intelligence, Customer Behavior, Pricing Strategies and Tactics, Strategic Brand Management, Marketing at the intersection of Design & Business, Strategic Salesforce & Channel Management.

Overall, this specialization will equip you with the indispensable knowledge and skills you need to take on marketing responsibilities, be it in traditional positions such as brand management, advertising and market research, or in more innovative domains such as Customer Relation Management, e-commerce and social media. Moreover, the strong emphasis on the development of new market offerings will prepare you for more general management oriented functions, such as business development.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the Marketing Specialization you should be able to:

  • Translate a management problem into a good research problem
  • Design and implement a marketing research field project
  • Use relevant frameworks to analyze consumer behavior problems
  • Lead inter-functional teams to successfully develop new market offerings
  • Predict how different marketing strategies will affect consumer behavior
  • Use behavioral evidence to evaluate alternative marketing strategies
  • Make practical and relevant brand building decisions