NegoSim is a computer-assisted business simulation in which teams of 4 or 5 participants are in charge of managing virtual companies that compete in international markets. Over a period of three days, the teams simulate six quarters (eighteen months) in the life of their companies. In doing so, they make six sets of business decisions on product portfolio, pricing, advertising, marketing, manufacturing, human resources, finance, international expansion, alliances, R&D projects, etc. NegoSim makes it possible to compare the relative performance of the various teams after each set of decisions, based on stock price and market-to-book. In NegoSim, companies not only compete but also cooperate by negotiating and signing outsourcing agreements, strategic alliances and production joint-ventures. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the NegoSim simulation, participants should be able to:

  • Express a basic understanding of the fundamentals of general management and business strategy.
  • Cite relevant drivers of firm performance.
  • Distinguish cash flow from profit, cost from investment.
  • Explain intuitively how stock markets value companies, and how stock price variations reflect management decisions.
  • Justify why companies must create value.
  • Make basic business decisions based on their likely impact on value creation.
  • Describe the drivers and dynamics of market globalization.
  • Distinguish between various types of inter-firm cooperative ties and explain their respective logic.
  • Learn by collaborating and interacting with international classmates.