This course offers a large overview of the main corporate finance topics relevant a for-profit organization including: financial analysis, selection of investments, stock market analysis, valuation, capital structure (equity and debt) and M&A.

Both conceptual frameworks and practical tools/aspects will be presented and put in perspective during the course. They will be illustrated by a wide variety of case studies and exercises. You will be taught how financial decisions are taken (conceptual framework, objectives, tools, and consequences) with clearly in mind that financial decisions are often constrained and partially determined by the financial position of a company and value considerations.

The course consists of approximately equal number of lectures and cases. Lectures will cover company valuation, capital structure decisions, and valuing real options. Cases are integrated throughout the course to reinforce and clarify major topics.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, you will understand how and why financial decisions are taken. This will enable you, in your new career, to discuss and negotiate with financial specialists -or become one of them- and take/submit financial decisions to the top management of your future firm.