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Strategy Beyond Markets - Specialization Courses

Globalization presents unique opportunities and challenges for business growth and development. Whether a firm seeks new markets for its products, new suppliers in its production process, or simply high-yield investment vehicles, managers need to think in an increasingly global manner in mak…

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The Financial Dimension of Strategic Decisions - Specialization Courses

This course is based on real case studies and has no other common theme except to explore all the main topics the CFO of a company has to handle nowadays.The course: Sets out the main problems currently being experienced in corporate finance. Provides a work-related and concrete dime…

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Venture Capital & Private Equity - Specialization Courses

This course will provide attendees with a deep understanding of the nature of the Private Equity and Venture Capital markets, the main players in these markets, the methods and the financial strategies that they implement. Students who in the future plan to raise Venture Capital or make use…

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