This course offers a balanced overview of entrepreneurship. We will touch upon a multitude of subjects, some of which are not covered in other courses in the track, and some of which we introduce in this survey course. The topics that we cover here assess whether entrepreneurship is for you, specific issues for high-tech startups, execution, business modeling, governance, how to network, intellectual property strategy, and entry strategy for new firms.

In this course we want you to focus on learning about entrepreneurship where there is some significant competitive advantage built into the product or service, due either to innovation or to a specific technology with high barriers to entry. We would like to avoid discussion of startups that are of a “me-to” character. In this course we will be light on the topic of innovation, although it is partially covered. Managing innovation in large firms is covered more deeply in the courses: “Technological Evolution,” and “Technical Product Development.”

Learning outcomes

When you successfully complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Know whether you want to start a company
  • Know how to execute on key operational activities in a startup
  • Know how to design your business model
  • Identify useful entry strategies