This course is for students who already know the basics of Excel, but want to gain in-depth knowledge of the software's functionalities.

There are basically two dimensions to this course. First, to learn how to be fast and efficient with Excel when using the functionalities you are already familiar with. Secondly, to learn functionalities of Excel that you are not already familiar with, as well as how to do things that you never thought were possible with the software program, such as video animations.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of How to . . .

  • Structure Excel models in order to improve their safety and user-friendliness
  • Use functions you never heard about before
  • Master functions you already knew, with in-depth knowledge of all their features
  • Create professional charts: charts with pull-down menus, dynamic charts…
  • Audit and improve existing Excel models
  • Resort to add-ins for specific purposes such as auditing, optimization, simulation, data retrieval…
  • Customize Excel in order to make it more efficient for you