The Advanced Management course aims to provide an in-depth orientation of the domain of organizational leadership at different “levels of analysis”: individual, inter-personal, group, organizational, and societal. It is a course in applied behavioral science. During the course, you will become familiar with selected ideas and frameworks from the social sciences (psychology, social psychology, anthropology, sociology), explore their implications for leadership and managerial practice, and develop your capacity to make sense of your experiences in social systems. In short, the purpose of the course is to deepen your understanding of organizational life and to develop your capacity to exercise leadership in the today’s global workplace effectively and responsibly. 

Learning outcomes

The main objective of the Advanced Management course is to develop your ‘psychological mindfulness’, i.e. the ability to look at individual, group and organizational issues from a behavioral point of view. Throughout the course you will have opportunities to:

  • Familiarize yourself with behavioral science ideas, images, and theoretical frameworks relevant to managing groups and organizations;
  • Acquire a well-rounded understanding of the issues facing managers in today’s workplace;
  • Deepen your awareness of your motivations and of your unique leadership style;
  • Develop your capacity to reflect on your individual behavior and experiences in groups;
  • Practice your leadership and teamwork skills; and
  • Reflect upon your future career and personal development.