This course will study how firms can develop competitive advantage through operations.  We will discuss how firms can determine their required capabilities, assets, and processes. We will consider external and internal measures of a firm’s operations strategy. We will discuss how capacity should be determined and how to manage risk through flexibility. We will introduce ideas on developing operational advantage through innovation in supply chains, manufacturing, and services.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of how to . . .

  • Identify, analyze, comprehend and articulate what the operational strategy for an organization is, and to analyze the effectiveness of that strategy.
  • Link strategy with practical operational realities, and develop tools to facilitate those linkages.
  • Develop, improve and maintain competitive advantage from operations as the business environment evolves.
  • Make decisions about the design of an operating system (e.g., scope of activity, capacity planning, and approaches to quality improvement) that correspond with the firm’s operating strategy.