The new source of competitive advantage for companies today is consumer centricity: deeply understanding their consumer needs and fulfilling them better than anyone else. To accomplish this, companies need to set up tools to be more insightful and foster a new consumer oriented mindset.

This course helps you understand how companies get their consumer knowledge and transform it into decision-making tools. It offers an overview of the different qualitative consumer research methodologies and provides tools & methodology to turn consumer knowledge into valuable insights.

Because it’s only when you try things for real that you know if it works or not, you will learn by doing and experiment a real “consumer immersion & insightment” program: step by step, you will get immersed in consumer real life (experimenting ethnographic methodologies both “on” and “off” line) and generate insights.

Main objectives are:

  • Understanding what is at stakes in the consumer intelligence field today
  • Getting an overview of the different consumer qualitative research methodologies
  • Discovering & experimenting consumer immersion & insight as a real competitive edge
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Be more consumer focused
  • Use ethnographic methodologies (on & off line) to get an in-depth consumer understanding (exploring consumer usage, habits, motivations, needs, expectation, problems, tensions, dilemma, beliefs….)
  • Turn consumer knowledge into relevant insights & business actions
  • Integrate digital into traditional market research methodologies and develop new approaches.