This course is designed to develop your competence as project managers or entrepreneurs in uncovering opportunities starting from users’ needs and insatisfactions and identifying solutions to address such needs. It introduces you to creative ways of thinking such as design thinking and user-centric innovation. It develops your knowledge of the methodologies and tools that advance successful innovation and product design and development. It instills your confidence in your abilities to be part of a team that can uncover the unmet, inarticulated needs of consumers and can create an experience and product system to fulfill those needs.

This course should be useful for students who are interested in launching their startup, in working for a consulting firm or in developing new business in a large company as entrepreneur. The projects can be either material or intangible, digital or physical.

Learning outcomes

The objective of this course is to enable students to understand and practice design thinking by analyzing problems, generating ideas and evaluating creative solutions.

Knowledge of how to: 

• Understand user expectations through empathy and immersion

• Reframe problems and define a problem statement

• Find inspiration to ideate solutions

• Articulate assumptions to refine the concepts

• Prototype, test and iterate