This course offers a hands-on and practical overview of modern digital-marketing tactics and online business lead-generation best practices.

The course is divided between class sessions and workshops.

During the class sessions, the topics will be covered from a theoretical perspective, by introducing general lead-generation frameworks and how they interact with one another.

Workshops will offer the opportunity to receive feedback on the exercises that are to be implemented between classes and will require specific tasks to be performed before the end of the session.

More specifically, the course will introduce major modern techniques used to generate leads and growth, both in big or small business. Participants should be able to hit the ground running should they accept a job in marketing or business development in either a corporation, SMB or startup at the end of this course.

Students will have to build their own project including:

-          Lead generation strategy

-          Website

-          Landing Page

-          E-mailing

-          Offers

-          Social Media

No coding skills is required – as the tools used are for marketers and not developers. 

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of How to . . .

·        Identify target segment (persona)

·        Understand how the product market fits needs

·        Build a digital marketing strategy to achieve lead-generation targets

·        Use marketing automation integration to build a streamlined process

·        Create a conversion path to attract and convert customers

·        Create a solid growth-hacking strategy

·        Build and setup a website – basics

·        Monitor website performance

·        Build a social media community

·        Implement a content strategy based on persona

·        Create e-mail marketing campaigns

·        Develop a business customer-centric acumen based on digital consumer behaviors

·        And ultimately become a digital marketer