2016 has again been full of very acute energy debates, like the COP21 negotiation, the Hinckley Point C nuclear project investment decision, or the potential OPEP reaction to sustained low oil prices. This course aims to introduce MBA students to the industrial and political reality behind some of the biggest Energy challenges faced by the worldwide economy. Energy issues such as oil price variation, development of renewable energy or power markets regulation have major impact on people and businesses day to day life, and as such are widely covered in the media.  Yet, they're also inspiring many political debates and strong ideological fractures. This course will provide students with the analytical tools and the fact-based background to decrypt the massive flow of available information and inform their own opinions on energy matters.

The course will alternate between intense academic lectures, practical interactive case studies and keynote speech from Energy sectors professionals. At each step key learning will be wrapped-up and secured through collective self-evaluation.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Apply analytical tools and economic models used by Energy professionals
  • Solve business problems of the industry by combining business logic and industry insights
  • Inform your own opinion on the most fiercely debated Energy issues
  • Challenge political statements on Energy issues and decrypt national / political interests
  • Juggle with Energy basic figures and units