This off-campus (see below) seminar aims at developing:

  • an improved awareness of ethical issues and stakes in the daily business practice
  • an ability to question one’s own responsibility as a company manager
  • some guidelines to structure personal options of action and to make complex decisions  

During 3 days in the distinctive context of the remote monastery of Sereys (Haute-Loire), attendees will experiment a truly different way to stand back, to think and exchange experience of management practices and their consequences. 

Since its inception, this one-of-a-kind experience is listed among the “must-have” of the MBA Program electives, and could almost be deemed as unmissable… 


The seminar takes place in the monastery of Sereys (Haute Loire). It is however a non-confessional seminar. All kinds of thoughts and opinions are welcome and everyone is invited to participate in the exchanges.

The scheduling of the sessions takes into account the periods of the monastic day.

Learning outcomes

Structured to be fully interactive, the three-day seminar is strongly shaped by the personal questions and past and current professional experiences of the attendees.

It also brings up for discussion actual business cases with “ethical issues” and proposes some guidelines to help making multi-factors decisions in a complex environment.