This course provides in-depth knowledge of finance theory, derivatives and fixed income markets, and financial risk management. In the first part of the course, we discuss the main funding channels for companies and will emphasize the role of shadow banking. In the second part, we present the main types of derivatives and fixed income securities, show how they can used by firms, as well as the main valuation techniques. Finally, the third part focuses on financial risk management (e.g. market risk, default risk, and systemic risk).

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of how to:

  • Deal with the main financial concepts used by corporate executives, financial analysts, asset managers, and regulators
  • Solve business problems using financial and modeling tools
  • Apply the various pricing techniques to value financial securities and find their fair price
  • Identify the main sources of financial risks that affect a firm or an investor and quantify their current exposures
  • Hedge financial risks when current exposures are too high
  • Make the financial system safer and more resilient