Business Management in any company requires taking Intellectual Property into account both for value creation and risk management. This course offers a balanced overview of acquisition of IP rights, freedom to operate, licensing tools and valuation of IP assets. The objective of this course is not to form a future patent and trademark attorney, nor to train a specialized IP lawyer; rather, this course is designed to give an understanding of the use of Intellectual Property as a strategic tool and, for future entrepreneurs, to show how to implement the appropriate IP policy and best practice in a company according to the market and the technology in question.

Different experts - all professionals in private practice - contribute to the course, specialized in patents, trademarks, licensing, and with an extensive combined experience both with small companies and large entities. The course is taught through interactive presentations, case studies and role-play, to put into practice different aspects of Intellectual Property.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of How to . . .

  • Analyze a patent, trademark and/or design document, understand the main information, and get an idea of its potential value;
  • Identify the pros and cons of patents, trademarks and/or designs in your business strategy;
  • Discuss with IP experts, patent and trademark attorneys, IP lawyers;
  • Get the keys to implement an IP policy in your company;
  • Understand and explain how to calculate the value of IP rights, in order to build a strong IP strategy and to measure the return on investment of the IP Policy ;
  • Understand and analyze how to structure IP deals (licenses, transfer of technology …);
  • Understand IP litigation and its implication in business.