This advanced elective discusses major financial decisions from an entrepreneurial perspective. Case protagonists include entrepreneurs and those providing funding to them. The course has been designed as a workshop—fully case-based and highly practical: there are no theory lectures. The classroom is a shop-floor where all students are expected to work intensively on their laptops in each and every session, using advanced simulation software. The workshop has a highly international flavor: we will cover ventures located in Argentina, China, France, and the U.S. 

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of how to . . .

  • Choose growth strategies that maximize entrepreneurial value
  • Estimate the amount of funding required by a new venture
  • Quantitatively assess the risks posed by a startup
  • Play the role of a fund manager in designing an acquisition deal
  • Prototype long-term cash flows of technology ventures
  • Negotiate the ‘soft side’ in the sale of a venture
  • Proficiently use advanced Monte Carlo simulation techniques