The focus of this course is on the unique problems encountered by the international treasurer or chief financial officer of multinational corporations. It is the international sequel of a corporate finance course and as such it revisits the same funding/financing and investment questions within a multi-currency setting.

Because of the high degree of exchange-rate fluctuations and continuing segmentation amongst national capital markets, special attention is devoted to Risk Management (including valuation of hedging instruments) as it permeates international funding and investment decisions. Other major topics include international long term financing in the context of the dynamics of emerging capital markets, valuation in cross-border investments, M&A and project finance.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of how to . . .


  • Leverage the multinational financial system to better exploit value-creating opportunities


  • Solve international financing and investment problems


  • Apply the basic concepts of corporate finance to create, build, and maintain value in fiercely competitive markets


  • Assess market data to minimize the firm’s cost of capital


  • Integrate international corporate finance decisions in the firm’s overall strategic plan


Balance the firm’s longer-term global strategic goals with short-term financial results