The luxury sector is a key asset in France and it requires a specific set of managerial skills and expertise. This course is intended for students who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A curiosity to learn and understand the luxury business model
  • An interest for different ways of doing business
  • A taste for refined goods and services

It introduces participants to key concepts and principles of luxury management. The curriculum starts out with an in-depth understanding of luxury, its role in society and the key principles defining it. There is a particular focus on luxury brand management as well as the strategic perspectives and challenges for luxury brands in today’s world.
A variety of teaching methods include cases, workshops and a field experience in downtown Paris, which adds an action-oriented perspective to the program. Participants are encouraged not only to learn new business principles but also to apply them in a real business setting. To end this course, and implement its key learnings, students will present their vision for a luxury brand of their choice.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Achieve familiarity with the luxury sector, its products and services
  • Understand the key specificities of the luxury business in terms of managerial practices
  • Apply the key management principles in the luxury industry to make appropriate business decisions
  • Describe and analyze the characteristics of a luxury brand and get a sense of the prerequisites to be able to build one over time
  • Develop and formulate a luxury strategy based on the offering’s characteristics and market opportunities