This course aims at allowing each participant to take another look at his/her management practices.

An element of originality in this curriculum is allowing participants to spend six sessions with a pair of seasoned CEOs. The class gives students the opportunity to have more time to share with Bénédicte and Bernard during a dinner.

Bernard Bourigeaud, founder of Atos, one of the world’s biggest IT services corporations, which he ran for 17 years after being President of Deloitte France, will bring his entrepreneur eye.

Bénédicte de Beaufort, consultant with a diverse professional background in both private and public sectors, tackles management with the original angle of responsibility for a sustainable performance.

Both of them have guided business mutations by developing and advising companies. Their conviction is that human capital is key to anchor operational Excellency. 

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of how to . . .

  • Enhance one’s understanding and reflections about leadership and management
  • Initiate a change in one’s own management style
  • Find operational and simple solutions to conciliate empathy and efficiency
  • Make better decisions in critical situations
  • Achieve mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures and partnerships