Odyssey 3.14 is a new approach to innovation that invites students, managers or executives to take a journey that combines innovation and strategy. Based on 3 pillars making up the business model, this approach suggests 14 directions to explore in order to invent or reinvent a business model.

Innovation is often viewed through a (too) narrow angle: product or service innovation, process innovation, technology innovation. Odyssey 3.14, on the opposite, proposes a comprehensive approach, based on the challenge of established rules. A few years back firms such as Swatch, low-cost airlines or Michelin achieved strategic innovation by launching disruptive business models.

Odyssey 3.14 proposes a framework and practical tools allowing systematic exploration and generation of innovative strategic options.  It will demonstrate to students that they can, when thinking about a business on which they have no « pre-conceived » assumptions (“a white page”), explore freely possibilities and propose disruptive business models. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Understand what is a business model, and how this notion can be useful is business strategy
  • Understand the business model framework we will use during the course, its advantages versus other frameworks
  • Understand the necessity for companies to change their business model
  • Discover a series of new business models
  • Explore the 14 directions that can help develop new business models
  • Understand the challenge companies face when changing their business models
  • Learn about the organizational options companies are currently testing to be more agile, innovative and future-proof