In a very complex, fast-changing environment, organizations need to develop internal capabilities to be able to address key challenges that are sustainable growth, innovation and globalization. People performance is one of these capabilities. People are key in managing the tensions between Structure and Creativity (innovation), Global integration and Local differentiation (globalization), Short-term profit and Long-term investment. The key question becomes: What should companies do (culture, people, process) to make people work at their best?

This course explores the key levers of individual, group and organizational performance. We will touch upon some of the key People processes like Change and Performance management. We will explore the basics of systems thinking to help capture and act in complex and fast changing situations. 

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of how to . . .

  • Discover the levers of individual, group and organizational performance
  • Learn how to link business strategy and people performance
  • Understand the basics of organization dynamics
  • Identify the links between organization processes and performance