This course will provide attendees with a deep understanding of the nature of the Private Equity and Venture Capital markets, the main players in these markets, the methods and the financial strategies that they implement.

Students who in the future plan to raise Venture Capital or make use of Private Equity should make use of this course.

A specific focus will be made on venture capital principles and its consistency with the start-ups development phases will be presented.

Learning outcomes

When you will have successfully completed this course, you should be able to:

  • Target the source of funding the most suited to your company’s situation
  • Integrate, especially during a fund raising process, the key drivers of VC firms operations and the dimensions along which VC assess investment opportunities
  • Master the key stepsin a fund raising process
  • Evaluate your company
  • Explain the venture capital principles and the different methods used to monitor their investment, create value and achieve liquidity
  • Understand and Anticipate Venture Capital or Private Equity funds managers behaviour
  • Draw a global view of different types of funding available, including those “derived from VC” (Venture Debt, IP funding…)