Starting at HEC

- Fundamental Phase at HEC, Customized Phase at SEM

Students beginning their studies at HEC will follow the Fundamental Phase (two terms), and may be part of either the September or January intake for the Full-Time MBA.

At SEM, the Customized Phase runs over two semesters (September-January, February-June), and encapsulates the following fields of study:

  • E-commerce and Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Financial Analysis and Management Control
  • Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing
  • Strategy and Leadership

 Students starting at HEC can only enter Tsinghua in the beginning of the second year in September.

Starting at SEM

- Fundamental Phase at SEM, Customized Phase at HEC

For the Fundamental Phase at SEM, which constitutes the first two semesters of study (September-January, February-June), students will complete 4 different modules:

  •  Soft-skills: Leadership Development, Organizational Behavior, Ethics and Corporate Accountability, Managerial Thinking, Communication
  • Analytical Foundations: Accounting, Managerial Economics, Data Models and Decisions
  • Management Fundamentals: Corporate Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Global Management, Chinese Economy
  • Intregrative Practice

Students will then go on to study their Customized Phase at HEC Paris MBA, which runs over two terms, and again there are two intakes: April and September. For those students beginning the Customized Phase in April, they will work on either elective courses or a fieldwork project between April and July, before moving on to study their chosen Specialization in September, finishing in December. For students beginning in September, they will first do their Specialization September-December, and then carry out their fieldwork or chosen electives from January to April. 

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Forbidden city in Beijing, Tsinghua SEM
Great Wall of China, Tsinghua Business School

Icing on the Cake.

 "Tsinghua provides a prestigious platform for learning unparalleled in China, and I’ve made local friends who became teachers in their own way. In addition, activities with the HEC alumni network in Beijing are icing on the cake!"

- Paméla Chin-Foo, HEC-SEM Double Degree Student