Bernard BISMUTH was born June 27, 1942, and graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1966; he is married and has three grown children.

He began his career the following year with CCI (Comptoir Commercial d'Importation), a "Small/Medium Enterprise" (SME), leading the company in its development of electronics division focusing on the then-emerging interconnect technology of printed circuits, which were replacing cables to connect components. Printed circuit boards (PCB's) have, of course, become much more complex, and are now ubiquitous and an essential part of any electronics device.

After working with the company to develop this growing part of its business for several years, Bismuth became a minority shareholder. As CCI EUROLAM, the company devoted over twenty years to manufacturing high tech components and remains after a European leader in manufacturing services and distribution in this industry. In 2011 the company had 130 employees and did over 35 million Euros of business, in France and in its subsidiaries in the UK, Germany and Italy.

In 2007, Bismuth founded B de B Consulting as CEO and Principle Consultant, serving small to mid-sized European businesses in electronics and related industries with guidance in corporate strategy, export, and merger and acquisition. He remains active in this capacity, having left his position of General Manager of CCI EUROLAM in 2010 (he remains on its Board) to devote more time to B de B Consulting.

Bismuth is active in various professional associations, including:

GFIE [Groupement des Fournisseurs de l¿Industrie Electronique)] President during 5 years and actual Vice President

FIEEC (French Federation of Electronic and Electrical Industries), participant in SME and industrial commissions and representing the organization

FIEN (Filière des Industries Electroniques et Numériques), President, 2007-09

Club Rodin, "Think Tank" for Electronic and Numeric Industries, President and Animator since 2009

He is the coordinator for the book "Réinventer l'industrie : Le rôle essentiel des achats", published by Club Rodin in 2012, and the author of numerous articles published in various electronics, manufacturing and SME publications in Europe and the United States. He is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and meetings in the industry.

He currently conducts the TEC program (two groups of 12 students each year) of the MBA program at HEC).

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