Jeremy Ghez is an Affiliate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at HEC Paris. He is also the Academic Director of the school’s Center for Geopolitics. His research focuses strategic foresight, strategic surprises, global politics and economics, American and European politics as well as on Middle Eastern affairs. His work has been published in RAND manuscripts and in reviews such as Survival.


Jeremy is also a Research Fellow at RAND Europe and the former Editor of La Nouvelle Revue Géopolitique, a French quarterly.


At HEC, Jeremy teaches economics and geopolitics in the Grande Ecole, MBA and EMBA programs. Jeremy received a Master’s in Business from HEC Paris, a Master’s in Economics from the Paris School of Economics, and a PhD from the Pardee RAND Graduate School.


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GHEZ Jérémy

Jérémy GHEZ

Economics & Decision Sciences

«Affiliate Professor»

Co-Director, HEC Paris Center for Geopolitics (in coll. with P. Chaigneau)

Research Areas

Strategic Foresight and Futures Analysis

Geopolitical analysis, risk and uncertainty

Global Politics

Global Economics

Business and Geopolitics

Creative Destruction