Denis Gromb is Professor of Finance at HEC Paris. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, where he also obtained a Ph.D. in Economics while visiting the London School of Economics.

His principal research interests include corporate finance, corporate governance, banking, the economics of organizations and the limits to arbitrage in financial markets. His articles have been published in leading academic journals in Economics and Finance.

Denis teaches courses related to Corporate Finance in different programs : Grande Ecole, Master in Economics, Part-time MBA, and the Executive MSc in Finance.

He has previously been on the Finance faculty at MIT (1995-2001), London Business School (2001-2008), and INSEAD (2008-2015), and visited the London School of Economics (2007-2008).

Selected publications include:

·       “Large Shareholders, Monitoring and the Value of the Firm” with M. Burkart and F. Panunzi, Quarterly Journal of Economics (1997)

·       “Why Higher Takeover Premia Protect Minority Shareholders” with M. Burkart and F. Panunzi, Journal of Political Economy (1998)

·       “Equilibrium and Welfare in Markets with Constrained Arbitrageurs” with D. Vayanos, Journal of Financial Economics (2002)

·       “Public Trading and Private Incentives” with A. Faure-Grimaud, Review of Financial Studies (2004)

·       “Collusion and the Organization of Delegated Expertise” with D. Martimort, Journal of Economic Theory (2007)

·       “Limits of Arbitrage: The State of the Theory” with D. Vayanos, The Annual Review of Financial Economic (2010) .

·       “Imperfect Competition in the Interbank Market for Liquidity as a Rationale for Central Banking” with V. Acharya and T. Yorulmazer, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (2012) .

·       “Legal Investor Protection, and Takeovers” with M. Burkart, H. Muller, and F. Panunzi, Journal of Finance  (2014).

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