Fieldwork Projects

Experiential learning is at the very heart of our MBA program. Fieldwork projects allow students to apply classroom-taught knowledge in a real world setting. A fieldwork project is somewhat similar to a Consulting project in that it is a high level project addressing a strategic challenge of a company. They allow participants to put into practice what they have learned during their MBA, working in a company or sector that is closely linked to their future professional goals.

What is a Fieldwork Project?

Fieldwork projects take place during the customized phase when participants have the opportunity to pursue a variety of options. They are done over one term, bearing 24 credits. Thus, a fieldwork project is a real choice. Participants typically choose to pursue a Fieldwork project because they want to gain experience in the field / industry in which they wish to pursue a career post- MBA.

A fieldwork project can be carried out individually or in a team and be done anywhere in the world. It is therefore a great opportunity to work with some of the best minds and companies from all over the globe.

Global Consulting Practicum (GCP)

Participants also have the option of participating in the Global Consulting Practicum (GCP) in partnership with the Wharton School. Five HEC Paris MBA students will work alongside a team from Wharton to consult with a client company interested in entering/expanding its market in the US or abroad (either profit making or non-profit social impact).

Previous examples of GCP projects have included:

  • Catalyzing Private Sector Development in Africa
  • Establishing a premier boarding school in Ghana
  • Improving Access to Financial Services for the Poor in Kenya
  • Driving Development on the African Continent with Cloud Computing
  • Promoting economic development in West Africa through Public-Private partnerships in Integrated Agriculture
Goals of the Fieldwork Project

The goal of the program is to provide students with a real world learning experience while providing exceptional value to client companies. Students gain the invaluable insight into client management, the ability to manage an international project with a diverse team of stakeholders, and other skills associated with future success in consulting. 

Fieldwork Project Examples
  • How to help Company W transform into an online leader?
  • What is the potential market for product X in China?
  • How to organize innovation in Company Y?
  • What should Company Z’s strategic plan be for 2016-2018?
  • How to develop the digital strategy for a luxury brand?
Fieldwork Requirements

Each Fieldwork project is supervised by an HEC Paris faculty advisor, and participants are required to:

  • Complete a learning plan report and a final report on the project itself
  • Defend the results and recommendations through an oral presentation

Fieldwork seminars are mandatory for all fieldwork participants, and are focused on giving participants all the necessary tools to carry out their project successfully. Teaching a combination of hard and soft skills, students will be coached on how to identify and target individual problems in an organization and how best to address them. Furthermore, students will be required to reflect on what they hope to get out of their fieldwork project, and how the experience will assist them in their future career.


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 Global Consulting Practicum