MBA Project

MBA Projects allow students to apply classroom-taught knowledge and analytical research to solve a strategically significant issue that is highly relevant for business. 

What is an MBA Project?

MBA Projects take place during the customized phase. MBA Projects are often seen as an ideal way to gain experience in a new sector and/or in a new job function. Students earn 12 credits for the 9-month long project.

A project can be carried out individually or in a two-member team

Each MBA Project starts by defining a key question, which outlines a clear, operational scope for the project. The answer needs to be analytical and based on (among other things):

  • Key concepts and tools learned during the MBA
  • Collaboration with companies to allow participants to observe and/or act in relevant industries
  • Interviews with key people that will help participants broaden their networks
  • Readings and corporate events

MBA Project Examples

  • How can traditional car manufacturers deal with the wave of automation?
  • Will the price of oil remain durably low?
  • Can the retail industry reinvent itself to overcome its current crisis?
  • How can firms strategize in an increasingly chaotic and unstable world?
  • What does a sustainable business model in luxury look like?

Scope of the Project

The project should help the participant formulate concrete recommendations (for an industry, for a company or for a broader institution) which need to be both bold and implementable. It should also focus on participants' personal transformation by discussing how this question has shaped their thinking about their professional future. 

Each MBA Project is supervised by an HEC Paris tutor

Each project will be validated by a jury, which will mark the official start of the project


For full credit, participants need to provide two deliverables and to defend the final report at the end of the project.

  1. The first deliverable is the issue statement which should capture the strategic significance of the project, both for decision-making and for the individual
  2. The second deliverable is the final report which should discuss and document the findings as well as provide the student's strategic recommendations
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