During the Customized Phase, you tailor your MBA by choosing one of five specializations offered yearly during the fall term. These advanced modules allow you to focus on a specific management skillset, developing your expertise through a “set menu” of mandatory courses which includes one “backbone” class of 36 hours and six classes of 18 hours each. Seats are limited; you will receive detailed instructions during the school year explaining how to apply.
Advanced Management Specialization- HEC Paris MBA

Advanced Management

This specialization is designed for students who want to develop the broad set of skills necessary for senior-level general-management positions. Complementing your strong foundation in leadership and management, you will take advanced courses across business disciplines. The specialization teaches you how to effectively strategize and address the realities of today’s global workplace, including how to create and manage high-performing teams, negotiate and resolve organizational challenges, manage a global supply chain, and analyze and react effectively to geopolitical shifts.

Advanced Management Courses

Coordinator: Roxana Barbulescu, Associate Professor, Management and Human Resources

Entrepreneurship Specialization- HEC Paris MBA


In teams of three or four, students collaborate with inventors to bring an actual product with a differentiating technological advantage to market. Designed to develop both the hard and soft skills needed to create a successful startup, the specialization includes tasks and deliverables that must be completed in addition to the regular coursework. Meetings with entrepreneurs allow participants to learn directly from experts who have launched their own companies. The specialization culminates in a grand-jury pitch presentation judged by venture capitalists and other entrepreneurial experts. 


Entrepreneurship Courses

Michel Safars, Associate Professor, Strategy & Business Policy

Thomas Astebro, Professor, Economics & Decision Sciences

Finance Specialization- HEC Paris MBA


The globalized economy is creating an increasing demand for professionals with well-established expertise in international corporate finance. This specialization provides students with the key tools needed to thoroughly understand an international company’s accounts and to take actionable decisions that impact its financial performance. Combining fundamental learning with real-life practice, this specialization prepares students for careers directly in the financial services industry (investment banks, money management, financial analysis, private equity, hedge funds, etc.) and for positions such as CEO/CFO and treasurer in non-financial corporations.  


Finance Courses

Coordinator: Christophe Spaenjers, Associate ProfessorFinance

Marketing Specialization- HEC Paris MBA


The Marketing Specialization is a complementary set of theoretical and experience-based courses that teach students how to develop innovative marketing strategies and solve real-world marketing problems. Courses within the curriculum are cutting-edge and insightful, with an emphasis on big data, digital marketing, new product development, pricing tactics, luxury strategies, and how to influence decision making. Students who take this specialization are well-prepared for careers as communications directors, brand and product managers, business developers and directors of customer intelligence.


Marketing Courses

Coordinator: Anne-Laure SellierAssociate ProfessorMarketing

Strategy Specialization- HEC Paris MBA


The Strategy Specialization is designed for MBA participants who want to pursue careers as top strategy consultants and C-level executives. Courses combine the most recent theoretical frameworks with insights from working practitioners. They provide students with a complete understanding of how to strategize and accelerate company growth in an ever-changing marketplace. The specialization emphasizes the fundamentals of strategy formulation, with a focus on hyper competition, market uncertainty, geopolitical change, technological development, big data and business analytics. 


Strategy Courses

Coordinator: Gonçalo Pacheco de AlmeidaAssociate Professor, Strategy & Business Policy