Luxury Club- HEC Paris MBA

Luxury is one of the most interesting sectors as it is recession-proof, and it defies most of the rules of traditional marketing and strategy. It is an industry full of potential, filled with attractive opportunities - but you must speak the language if you want to work within it. There is significant strategy involved in convincing a consumer to spend more on an item just because is it from a certain brand.

From fashion to wine and spirits, to automobiles and travel, luxury is everywhere and our goal as a club is to explore it with you.

“Luxury is a culture, which means you have to understand it to be able to practice it with flair and spontaneity.”

- Jean Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien, HEC Paris Professors of Marketing

How do you define luxury in the modern age? How do storied fashion houses continue to innovate and still stay true to their heritage and DNA? How can new brands pierce through the luxury market? How does digital media change the consumption and communication of luxury? These are some of the questions that we discuss in the HEC Paris MBA Luxury Club.

Our mission is to engage, support and inspire members as they navigate the increasingly dynamic luxury environment. Our objective is to connect members with the industry and provide a platform for industry insight, knowledge sharing and access to brands and influencers within the sector.


  • Leverage HEC’s position and reputation to engage industry influencers while collaborating with other MBA and Grand Ecole clubs
  • Support members’ industry exploration through content sharing and peer-to-peer learning opportunities
  • Inspire members through top-tier guest speakers and impactful events


Annual Events:

  • Monthly networking dinners with HEC Alumni
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Attendance at the annual MBA Retail and Luxury Fair
  • Sector treks
  • LVMH Challenge case competition
  • Participation in Inside LVMH

Recent Treks:

  • Champagne Trek: Attended a presentation at the C.I.V.C. (Comité Interprofessionel de Vin de Champagne) about the history, production and business aspects of Champagne, followed by a guided tour and tasting at Mercier Champagne house and tasting at Guillon whisky distillery
  • Paris Luxury Trek: Visited Skintifique, Givenchy and Condé Nast
  • Attendance at the Vogue Fashion Festival

Contact Information

dubai consulting trek

Teejana Beenessreesingh, President