Technology and Data Analytics Club

HEC Paris MBA has a strong commitment to technology, innovations and data-driven business development. The Club's mission is to provide students with workshops and training in order to empower them later to integrate technology and analytics into their businesses.


  • To promote the image of HEC Paris as a hub for creative talent in the technology sector
  • To create awareness for MBA students about the possibilities and challenges of technologies
  • To provide training that enhances student's technological knowledge and analytical skills and enable them to make effective and informed decisions
  • To create bridges and links between students, the Career Center, schools, companies and other stakeholders


Annual Events:

  • Regular workshops on technology, including Blockchain, Internet of Things, but also more core ones like SQL and Google Analytics
  • Joint events with different industry clubs to discuss technological advancements in these industries
  • “Inside the Industry” roundtables with external participants to explore MBA profiles in the technology sector and to stay abreast of developments in this ever-changing industry
  • Company visits and presentations
  • Networking events in Paris with HEC alumni
  • Company presentations 

Technology and Data Analytics Club


Dmitri Kudriavtcev, President