Women In Leadership Club- HEC Paris MBA

The mission of HEC Women in Leadership is to promote a community based on gender equality.  We aim to foster gender diversity on campus and in business by making it easier for female and male participants to grow, network and collaborate to reach the top.

Objectives of WiL: 

  • Prepare HEC MBA women for long-term success and actively encourage a campus culture supporting students of all genders to thrive
  • Provide opportunities for MBA Participants to socialize with alumni, to learn from current students, and to network with business leaders and companies that value women in leadership
  • Increase the appreciation of women’s role in business among all MBA participants.  WiL aims to demonstrate that gender balance in top management makes businesses better, stronger, and more innovative.

Upcoming Events

  • Lunch and Learn events: discussing social issues
  • Dinners in Paris with alumni
  • Influential speaker talks
  • Workshops
  • Corporate networking events
  • Philanthropic opportunities

"The ability to learn and connect with successful females in various industries has never been greater than it is now, thanks to the EWPN and HEC au Feminin networks. The sky’s the limit from here on in.”

- Impreet Natt, HEC Paris MBA student 




"At HEC you’re not ‘one of the guys’ or ‘one of the girls’, you’re part of a team."

- Lavaniya Das, HEC Paris MBA student

Contact Information


Camille Schu

Camille Schu, President